entrance wards

On the photo you can see the main entrance to the wards: Willow/Elm (on the left),  Holy/Beech, Oak/Sycamore, and other facilities. The road on the right led to the theatre, Cedar house, staff canteen, the reception, and offices. Willow and Elm were supposed to be temporary and should have been replaced years ago. The Kingston Road houses were used as half-way homes for residents who were more independent. I worked at Cedar house, top floor main building.


Most of the residents went to the daycentre, situated at the back of the grounds. Some residents went to the Resident’s Club for tea & coffee .  The boutique was situated next to the Stella Brain School. We often took the residents out on the mini bus.

Lord Rix and Lady Brain formed the Friends of Normansfield in 1957 and funded several projects such as the hydrotherapy pool, the Resident’s Club, Stella Brain School, and a holiday home called ‘Bill House’. Lady (Stella) Brain is Dr. Langdon Down’s granddaughter. Lord (Brian) Rix became Secretary-General of Mencap in 1980.