Normansfield was first known as ‘White House’.  It included 5 acres of grounds to start with, but extended to 40 acres towards the river-bank.   The name was changed into Normansfield, a tribute to their friend mr Norman Wilkinson, who helped the couple with mortgage arrangements.

Between 1869 and 1879 new wings were added. By the time Langdon Down died in 1896 a total of 160 residents lived at Normansfield.

Langdon Down created a landscape with trees and shrubs as part of the education and training programme.  Apparently many foreign species can be found.  I used to enjoy walking around the grounds and often took residents for a walk.

My contract at Normansfield started on 2-07-1990. I was appointed as an assistant care staff, grade A. My basic hours of duty were 37,5 hours per week. The monthly pay included London Weighting, clothing allowance and psychiatric lead. The annual leave was 20 days per year

My wages for August 1990 was 415,87 pounds. By the time I left in 1993 this was increased to 493,64 pounds per month. I did a lot of bank work from 7,5 hours a week to 24 hours a week.   A pm shift from 1.30 till  09.00 would pay about 23,75 pounds.