I am interested in your story and photos of Normansfield. Thank you for leaving a message


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  1. Natalie Wells previously Lockwood schreef:

    I worked at Normansfield from 1990 to 1992 in the main building. I then went to work in the 4 community homes at the side, I still keep intouch with Paula Cram who I worked with via a christmas card each year. I have very fond memories of my time at Normansfield and spent many a happy drunken night in the sports and social club. I remember going to Bushy park and shopping in Kingston Upon Thames and walking down Teddington Lock. Thank you for doing this site it has been a good trip down memory lane.

    • frank schreef:

      great to see the old place. i worked at normansfield on elm house from 1989-1992, I remember when you arrived on your first day miriam with your friend ninka; I was never out of the social club- great times; I lived in haydon house- i’ll see if i can recall a few people who worked there at the time; (miriam bruinsma) ( ninka cant recall surname) ( ste wilkinson we called him gordie) paula cram) (natalie lockwood) (cathy lilly) (dave boyne) ( sarah mcdonald) (tara smith) (helen stiff) (malcolm paul) (john paul) (julian tan) (emma) (sham navalingham) ; pity them fun days are gone; but now i can look at these photo’s and remember great times ; thank you

  2. dave boyne schreef:

    Some interesting historical stuff to be found on the website of The Langdon Down Museum, which occupies the theatre end of the main building………

  3. Tony Cartledge schreef:

    Love seeing the old pictures. I worked here from 1986 till Dec 1990. First in the kitchen then the lone general porter/receptionist.
    Fun days

  4. steven wilkinson schreef:

    how very quaint to see the old place again .one can forget ones younger days were such fun …nice photo,s i remember you taking them with that posh camera .welldone with the site miriam

  5. STEVEN Wilkinson schreef:

    fun days ,i remember everyone mentioned,went back myself in 2005 and 2008 glad its renovated now heres to another 146 years,be nice if there could be an oldbods reunion sometime before we all get too old ?

  6. paul jermyn schreef:

    paul jermyn[spud]
    i was one of the scouse brigade from88,was only there for a year,but many really good memories,worked on holly beech,also the club most aftens, that was fun ,remember big davie boyne ,malcom, and old arthur,and sarah, ye good times

  7. Garry gardner schreef:

    I worked at Normansfield from 1976-79, I worked in the Engineering section looking after Normansfield, Teddington and Hampton Cottage Hospitals also Barnes and Richmond.
    I was involved in starting the football team and was captain for 3 years, we opened the club house, which had been in disrepair for years and started a quite successful social club for all Hospital employees although primarily for the football team.
    We made the football pitch from very rough ground with the help of the gardening department.
    Happy Days!

  8. STEVEN Wilkinson schreef:

    Well done with the site wish it was 1990 so many great people i met at normansfield

  9. bridie harkin schreef:

    I worked at normansfied for almost 2 years,I had some of the best times of my life here and made some crazy friends,fun times and 1 of the best jobs iv had;)

  10. Christina Masud (nee Grieve) schreef:

    I’ve just found this website.It’s nice to see all those names of people I worked with so long ago. I was at Normansfield from 1988 to 1993.Crazy times. I’m definitely going to go there as soon as I can. Happy memories.

  11. STEVEN Wilkinson schreef:

    Great site if anyone REMEMBERs me steve Wilkinson willow house 1990-1994 then drop me a text and we Could say hi and maybe have a PHONE call and Talk old times 07757118042

  12. Sally Hill schreef:

    What a great initiative Miriam. Nice to see you and others also have good memories of Normansfield. Mark and I only worked at Kingston Road for a 6-week period in the summer in the early 1990s but it was an amazing place. So glad to hear they didn’t pull it down.

    • mmb schreef:

      Hello Sally,

      Thank you for leaving a message! Normansfield has been restored beautifully. A pity that was not done all these years ago, and the interior!


  13. Steven wilkinson schreef:

    Hi I wonder how the former Normansfield patients are now its been a long time since I left and right years since I visited alas I didn’t meet anyone connected with former Times to ask .Good site Miriam well done thanks for bringing back nice carefree times so long ago.

  14. Ste Clements schreef:

    It was nice to see some old pictures of Normansfield Hospital i worked there in 1990 from about February to July i worked on elm ward. I remember a few of the names frank as mentioned remember ste Wilkinson as we had our interviews on the same day along with a couple of others from Newcastle. Also remember Natalie lockwood, paula cram, tara Smith, sham, frank and a few others. I agre with ste Wilkinson it would be nice to have a reunion. Even though i only worked there a few months i loved every minute of it. I visited a few times after i left

    • mmb schreef:

      Hello Steve,

      Did we meet? I arrived at Normansfield in july 1990 so we could have just missed each other. If there will be a reunion I am sure the langdon Down Centre Trust would like to hear all the stories too. I would recommend to inform them , for a combined visit.

  15. Ste Clements schreef:

    Hi miriam
    Great site i remember a lot of the people frank mentioned remember steve Wilkinson, Paula Cram as we had our interviews on the same day with a couple of others from Newcastle i was the only one from Liverpool. Also remember Natalie Lockwood, Tara Smith, Helen Stiff, sham etc. I only worked there from February to July 1990. I enjoyed my time there and was sorry to leave, i went back a few times to see a few people but sadly lost touch with them

  16. Steven wilkinson schreef:

    We had great time s at Christmas in the club and our flat s I had a Muslim-sham nagalingum,Malcolm Paul Jewish.Miriam protestant I think ! Myself Martian! John mandry ? And we all sat down for dinner in flat 10haydon house that Miriam and me shared that was 1991 amazing.

  17. Ken Cartledge schreef:

    This site bought back happy times working as the store man in the works dept.

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