white house

How nice of you to drop by!

My name is Miriam Bruinsma and I used to work at Normansfield Hospital (Teddington/Middlesex) between 1990-1993. I am interested in the history of Normansfield and would like to share my experiences with you.

I just want to take you back to 1990 when a friend of mine persuaded me to come with her to England  (I am glad she did). We had just completed our vocational training in the learning disability branch and were very interested in working abroad. A few months later we were both accepted as assistant care staff, Grade A, at Cedar House. So on June 28th at the age of nineteen we left the Netherlands to start this adventure taking only a rucksack with us!

In April 2004 I went back for the first time to see the changes that have taken place since the closure in 1997. The grounds are now called Langdon Park and were sold to Laign Homes for development and housing in 1999.